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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Two weeks home.

Yay for Saturdays! We have been home two weeks now and Hanna is settling in quite well. She is sleeping much better, although still waking up a few times a night and still getting Mommy up most days around 5 ish. I do love my snuggles though! I can honestly say at this point going from three to four kids has really not been much different, just now we have a toddler who requires a lot of attention and can't really tell us what she wants all the time. She does an excellent job of communicating most things, but any toddler gets frustrated from time to time with not being able to just "say" what they want. The kids all act like we just always been a family of six. I love the way that are all melding together...our family really does feel complete now. The girls pretty much have decided they are rockstars and run the house...which they do : )


I had to post this picture...I took "L's" braids out last week and combed her hair out. It has gotten so long...she had quite the "fro". So far Hanna is eating pretty much everything and anything...but has a special appreciation for Chocolate pudding and salsa...that's Mommy's girl!

More updates soon!


titushome said...

Love the pictures!!! So glad to hear you are doing well! We've been praying for you all!


Julie said...

Love all the pictures!! Cant wait to meet Miss Hana

Eastiopians said...

Love love love

The McBrides said...

YAY Stacy! So great to see her so happy! ya'll so happy! awesome!

JonesEthiopia said...

Great pictures!