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Thursday, September 10, 2009

All About August

Yeah...I know it's September, but I've got all kinds of full-time working, busy-mama, crazy-woman excuses. Anyway, August was an amazing month at the Casa...with lots of activities, school starting, and of course...our referral of our new daughter! So, here's just a few pictures to catch everyone up on the chaos. Daddy and the boys spent one Saturday having "guy time" at Lowes. They got these nifty work aprons, goggles and each built a great little boat that we HAD to take to the swimming pool later that day to try out.
Both of the boys started school...this year they are in the same school and big brother is showing little bro all the ins and outs of elementary school and bus-riding. They are both loving school and are still very excited about their "homework"...that ought to wear off in about a week : ) I have to admit that watching my "little man" get on the bus was a little heart-breaking, but I love that his big brother holds his hand and watches out for him. Love them!

T had a conference in Wisconsin at a really neat resort on the lake, so with the help of Grandma and my awesome BFF, I was able to fly up for a couple of days and enjoy some rest and time away with the hubster. We REALLY enjoyed it and need to do that more often, but leaving three, and soon-to-be four small kids is no easy feat! I'm so grateful for the two days I had of "down time" and time to reconnect with T.

The view from our room. It was overcast that day, but still so gorgeous.

Last, but not least...our girl, "L"! I just love this dress Grandma Marie bought for her and she actually will let me put it on her and wear the headband! She is very very strong willed and normally anything Mommy picks out for her to wear is greeted with a firm "no!". We pick our battles don't we? Most days, she goes to pre-school in mis-matched, ragged play clothes and her brothers old Lightening McQueen crocs, but hey, that's one of the many things that I love about her. She is soooooo excited about her little sister, telling me all the time that she is going to "rock her in the rocking chair" and asks to see her picture all the time. When she sees it she screams her name and does a little dance...so sweet! Of course, the boys are excited too.

Adoption Update: Unfortunately, the Ethiopian courts are not assigning new court dates until they reopen in October, so now we wait some more to see how much more we have to wait for a court date ; ( Still praying we will still get an October date, but we'll see. In the meantime, keep praying for little "H" and I hope to get some updates on her soon. Hope you are all having a spectacular September!