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Thursday, October 22, 2009


So after I finally chilled out and waited for God's hand on this...our case manager, Julie called me today to tell us that we have a court date. November 9th! Not as early as I'd hoped, but I totally trust God and His timing. Please pray for all to go well and for H's birthfather to be able to make the long trip to Addis Ababa for our court date. Pray also that he will have peace and know that we love and will take wonderful care of this amazing little girl. And, please pray that God is preparing all of our hearts for all the new adjustments and for our family of five to become a family of six!! God is so good...I have a very grateful heart today.

Monday, October 12, 2009

C'mon Courts!!!!!

Ok, so we are two weeks into October and still don't have our court date in Ethiopia. The courts were supposed to open last week (at least that's the rumor, no one seems to know for sure). We know a family who was supposed to have their court appointment last Friday night, but haven't heard yet if they passed or not. (Please be praying for them and for the East family, http://eastiesandcompany.blogspot.com/, who have their court appointment this Wednesday!) Several families who were scheduled for the first week of October were rescheduled into the third week of October, so although I'm still hoping and praying we will make it into October, the reality is that it will probably be November....and then hopefully travelling before Christmas.
The waiting is SOOOO hard. Even though we've been through this three times already, it never gets any easier to wait, especially when you have those huge brown eyes looking at you through pictures and those sweet little cheeks dying to be kissed, and those cute, dimpled little hands needing to be held. I think if we don't hear something this week, I will indeed go crazy. (ok, yeah, I'm already there, but I'll probably really start driving everyone else around me nuts too : )
What also makes this harder for me is that little "H" is already 18 months old and has already had so much loss and pain in her short little life. She recently was moved from the only home she had ever known eight hours North, where everything is different...especially the language. Soon, some strange people that look, smell and talk completely different will come and scoop her up and take her far, far away. I can only imagine how difficult that would be for a toddler, nearing two years old, who is in the stages of understanding what's different and fearing
all the new experiences. I thank God for the wonderful care she is getting and I pray that she is looking at our pictures that we sent her and understands that we will be her forever family soon. I pray that God is preparing her little heart for all the changes still to come and that he will fill her with peace and not fear. I am also so thankful that her little friend, Orange is with her now in Ethiopia and will be her friend here in Knoxville as well. How amazing is that?! At least she will have a familiar face here when she comes home. And, I especially thank God for my sweet childen, who are so excited to have their little sister come home and who I know will love on her and help her and let her know they are always here for her.
Please be praying for all the families and children who are in "process" and please pray that we will be able to bring our sweet girl home very soon. Thank you all for your prayers and support!