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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ok Mom...I'll update the blog!

Yeah, yeah...I really suck. We've had Easter, Jacob's birthday, Liyah's 3rd happy family day and lame-o blogger Mom here has not updated since early April! Pretty sad when your Mom has to shame you into updating your blog. Anyway, here goes...
April: Jacob's birthday. We had his party at Chuck E Cheese, and much to my surprise, it was one of the funnest and easiest parties we've ever done. Jacob and his friends had a blast, and even got to dance with the giant rat (woohoo)

I think Tom may have enjoyed that a bit more than Jacob : )

I can't believe my little "baby" boy is already 8 years old! We love you so much Jacob! You are the sweetest, kindest, most awesome little boy with a true heart for God.

Hanna has been home now for over 4 months and she was definitely made for our family. She just has the best little personality and we all just love her so much.
We had our Ethiopia group gathering in May and Hanna got to see her buddy, M from the Hannah's Hope home they were together at in Ethiopia. We have so many wonderful families in our group and we just love seeing more and more beautiful children coming home!

So far this summer, we've been to the zoo a couple of times. We LOVE the zoo! We are quite the
crew when we go too : ) I think the animals may fear US.

I promise to post swimming pictures soon. Oh...last but not least, we finally got a new family picture done! So here we are...the Casa de Chaos crew! Happy summer and love to you all!