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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So, I'm WAY behind on my posting, but I also WAY behind on getting pictures from the camera to the computer and then resized so I can put them on my blog, but such is the busy life of a full-time working, tired-but-fulfilled Mom of three, waiting-to-be Mom of four. I don't know how alot of Mom's keep up, I usually go to bed right after the kids, so I don't get much done at night.
Anyway, my sweet J2 "graduated" from pre-school in May and I'm finally getting around to showing off the pictures. He looked so sweet in his cap and gown. I can't believe my second "baby" is going into Kindergarten in a month!

The whole family came out to cheer him on!

Here's my big boy with his best buddy

I love you sweet boy!!!!!

The Girls' Room!

So we talked to our case worker, Julie, last night and she confirmed that we are officially number 10 on the girl's waiting list, but she also said that there is only one family ahead of us who are willing to accept a child over 12 months, so, of course, now I am even more anxious! They can never tell when they will have "your" child come into their care...only God knows when that will happen, but I am now "buzzing" on that news and hoping for a sooner rather than later call. I should know after going through this three times before that it is better to think "later" and be surprised earlier, than to get your hopes up for "soon" and drive yourself crazywaiting. I can't help myself though, and like I told my good friend, the anticipation is one of the blessings of this roller-coaster journey.
Most of you that know me also know that the Girl's room has been ready for months now (when I have something in my head, I have to do it "now"!) It came out really nice and I can't wait to have both of my little princesses together in their room. I guess I'd better work on getting "L" out of my bed at night first though :)
I love dragonflies, and I'm not a girly-girl (neither is "L") so I did their room in a buttery yellow color with green and blue dragonflies. I found the cutest wall decals and added some embellishments of little dragonflies I've found here and there. They have matching beds and will share a dresser and a pretty yellow rocking chair.
This is one of the wall decals...I just love it! The dragonflies are actually 3D and are glued to the wall.
This will be "H's" bed when she comes home...soon I hope!

Ok...so I'm ready, the kids are ready (I think) and the room is ready...so come on home baby H! We love you and can't wait to hold you and kiss you and watch you sleeping sweetly in your new room!

Friday, July 10, 2009

NUMBER 10 !!!!!

We got our new official number from AGCI today. I was expecting 13, maybe 12, but was very pleasantly surprised that we are number 10. Yeah! The bad news is that the courts in Ethiopia close for two solid months at the end of July, so even though we've moved up quickly, now we are pretty much "On hold". Please be praying that all the cases currently in "the system" will pass through the courts before the closure. It would be so much harder to have a picture and then have to wait through two months of NO movement at all.