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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Ok, I've been photo tagged. I'm supposed to pull the fourth picture from the fourth file on my computer, so here it is. These are J1's sweet little fat toddler feet when he was only 17 months old. We took a trip to California to see Grandma B and Grandpa M. This was J1's first time to ever see the beach and he loved it! It's hard to believe that little boy is going to be seven years old this year! I'm going to tag Lorri, Kelly C., and Dani.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Baby is 2!

Today is "L's" 2nd birthday! Happy Birthday to my sweet pea! Mommy loves you more than you can possibly imagine.

This is one of the first pictures we ever got of her...she was just 4 months old. She was 5 months when she came home and she's already two...it's hard to believe how quickly the time has gone by. We actually celebrated this past Saturday with just a few close friends and of course, LOTS of Elmo! This girl just loves her some Elmo.

She also got a tickle-me cookie monster, which she loves...but I think the "adults" had more fun playing with it : )

L had a blast opening her presents (with a little help from her friends, Abby and Sky.) She really didn't have a clue about the whole "birthday thing", but loved eating pizza and playing with her friends and her brothers.

She got a really pretty blue outfit and some ELMO books from Grandma Marie (plus lots of smooches)

And a great baby doll stroller from Grandma Bonnie in California...(long distance smooches to you too!) She didn't get the whole "doll" stroller idea at first either, but when she caught on she had so much fun pushing around her baby...and then, not long after that, ELMO got the prize spot in the new stroller : )

Special thanks to all our Aunts and Uncles too for sending "flat presents"...we can't wait to go shopping! Much love to all of you. We are just so blessed to be this little girl's family!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Spooktacular Halloween!

We had a great time Halloween night. First we got the kids dressed in their costumes...

L was Minnie Mouse (the hair puffs were perfect ears), J1 was Batman (with muscles of course) and J2 was a ninja...or as he says it "inja".

My dear friend, K, had a Harvest Party at her house and as usual, K went all out and made the night really special for all the kids and their families. She had
little pumpkins for the kids to paint.

This is K's daughter "M" with "L", she is just the sweetest girl and is always so wonderful with the younger kids.
Then the kids played a game called "apple shmear" where you basically bat rotten apples with a tennis racket...it was hilarious! Then we all went out trick or treating. I would guess there were about 40 or more kids, so the neighborhood was really hopping with all of our little "goblins" out running from door to door. The kids had a blast and so did we. Thank you so much K and D for having us all over and allowing us to leave your house an absolute mess : ) Hope you all had a blessed night!