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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Playing Catch-up!

Oh, I'm so far behind! Hanna's been home three months now, just turned two and I'm back at work. Where does the time go!? So now I'm gonna try to play some blog catch-up. I'll start with life at home with Hanna so far....

That pretty much describes it...she's a star! Sweet, funny, smart...with an amazing temper! She has just taken over the house and all of our hearts. I was so worried that she would be afraid of the dogs, but she LOVES them!...not sure if that is mutual at this point : )

We all adore her, but her big brother Jesse is especially enamored with her. Enough to play "princess" with her and actually smile for the picture.
And, speaking of my sweet, Jesse...my baby boy turned six just a few weeks ago!
He and his big brother share a laugh with his birthday card over breakfast...
And, after a great backyard barbeque with family and friends, he shows off his "Agent P" birthday jammies and new "mighty beans". (If you don't know what these things are, you are better off...if you are parent of young boys...you know.)
Next up...Hanna turns two and Easter pics....hopefully I'll get them posted before the kids start college : ) I am so blessed!

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